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February 4, 2008

Scary SAP transactions.

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Sometimes SAP can be really scary. Just look what do they have in ERP 6.0 release:


A must transaction for every business traveller!

Or look at this list of possible employee dismissal reasons for some HR transaction in 4.6:


Would they please be so fair to declare unjustified dismissal?

The Data Dictionary also has some strange values list for the domain BEN_LNCOD that belongs to HR.

Value: Accidental Death or Dismemberment

ok, I understand this one, after seeing the machines used at our plants.

Value: Death and Dismemberment

When compared with the first value, do they mean now it’s a voluntary dismemberment or what, if it’s not accidental? Like a lizard throwing off its tail probably.

And finally:

Value: Supplemental Death and Dismemberment

Supplemental, you say?


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