ABAP log

March 9, 2007

SAP APO interface (CIF): Adding new parameters into the selection screen of CFM1 (RIMODGEN)

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The standard transaction to generate a CIF integration model, CFM1, offers a huge set of select options, but even this has to be extended sometimes. If you need to have additional parameters on the selection screen of CFM1, OSS Note 511434 describes what has to be done. Note that the only way (and the one described in the note) is a modification of SAP code. You are going to modify the selection screen, PAI modules and function modules called by CIF. That means, during system upgrade you will have to check the source code again new changes from SAP. We went through that twice already: it’s no fun but you don’t do this often.


February 23, 2007

How to run the CIF queue LUWs that are stuck in READY state.

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When we started to play with SAP APO and its CIF interface with R/3, we had, as most of other companies should, all kind of data errors that brought data transfer to a halt. Normally you should clean up your data in R/3 and then run the transfer again after deleting the crashed data queue, but then we found that many queues continued to hang in WAIT state, even if the blocking entry was deleted. You can rerun those LUWs one by one manually, but it’s obviously no fun. After doing some research in OSS and asking advice on Sapfans, I have found that the program RSTRFCI3 does this for many queues at once.

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