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December 18, 2007

Dusty ABAP snippets.

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Many code samples or tips I post here originate in my collection that was built in last years. When I discover or code something worth keeping, I strip company specifics from the code and save it in simple text files. Some code snippets are used again and again, like macros in this post below or data caching forms. But once in a while I have to reuse the code after blowing away the dust.

That was back in 2000 when I have to do some report that, among other things, had to show costing estimates from the product costing runs. I don’t remember any more how did I find the solution (probably after my functional analyst gave up trying to help me to get the data easily), but it was using a couple of BAPI functions. And two weeks ago, after getting a similar requirement and having spent some time with debugger and asking FI/CO colleagues and everyone else, I have thought that this is actually a “deja vu”. Quick check of my code library – YES! I had to do some adjustments to the code and use the debugger to get the right constants corresponding to my company’s logic, but was still a wonder that my old code did. Here it goes:

* Macro to prefill select option


  &2-SIGN = 'I'.

  &2-OPTION = 'EQ'.

  &2-LOW = &1.

  APPEND &2.

  CLEAR &2.


form get_cost_element
    pi_plant type werks_d
    pi_matnr type matnr
    pi_date  type sydatum
    po_cost  type total_amt.
    lt_cvar  type standard table of bapicstgva with header line,
    lt_matnr type standard table of bapimateri with header line,
    lt_plant type standard table of bapiplant  with header line,
    lt_costs type standard table of bapisplitt with header line.
  data: begin of it_list occurs 0.
          include structure bapicolist.
  data: end of it_list.
    ls_cost_header like bapiheader.
    ls_ret   type bapireturn,
    lf_found type char1 value ' '.
* ABCD is the costing variant. It should be your company specifics.
  add_selection_value 'ABDC' lt_cvar.
  add_selection_value pi_matnr lt_matnr.
  add_selection_value pi_plant lt_plant.
  clear: po_cost.
            return             = ls_ret
            costing_variant    = lt_cvar
            material           = lt_matnr
            plant              = lt_plant
            cost_estimate_list = it_list
            others             = 1.
  check sy-subrc = 0.
* sort to get result of the last costing run
  sort it_list by valid_from descending.
* XX and YYY should be specific to your task.
* Check with debugger after calling the first BAPI
  loop at it_list where cstg_type = 'XX' and
                        vltn_vrnt = 'YYY'.
    if lf_found = 'X'.
*   Get first costing suitable by date
    if pi_date >= it_list-valid_from and
       pi_date  0.
          po_cost = lt_costs-total_amt.
          lf_found = 'X'.

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